British Women are Gagging for It

by duncanr

crap sex200A recent survey of 1,000 women resident in the UK (I read it in the Mail, so it must be true)  found that those who were having  frequent sex reported being more happy than women who were getting little or none

The Mail emphasises the health benefits of sex –

It decreases stress, boosts the immune system and gives . . . an important sense of wellbeing.’

It also helps heart health, lowers blood pressure and gives you better self-esteem,

[Hhmph, for years I’ve been telling woman about the health benefits of frequent sex – and fat lot of good it’s done me 😦 ]

According to the Mail . . .

20% of the 1,000 respondents  to the survey – i.e., 200 – never have sex

Another 10 per cent – i.e., 100 – are making love less than three times a year

Also according to the Mail, fifty nine per cent of women having sex less than once a month said more sex would make them happier –

Excuse me a moment . . .

200+100 = 300

59% of 300 =  177

Well, I’ve checked my calendar for the next few weeks – have cancelled or rescheduled some meetings – and have 2 weeks at the beginning of next month when I am free.

So if any of the women in this sample who want more sex would like to email me with their contact details (and a recent photograph) I’ll do my best to satisfy their requirements.

177 is quite a large number, though, and while I will do my best to rise to the occasion, in order to ensure customer satisfaction, I may have to call on the services of my fellow madhatters to assist

[any lady interested will find our charge for this service is quite modest]

5 Comments to “British Women are Gagging for It”

  1. ratty’s… no, better not.


  2. . . . ratty is fully booked up for the foreseeable future and, as such, is not available for this “el-cheapo” (modest charge, indeed !) MH venture.

    However, private reservations (block bookings only) may now be made for nights beginning the second week of August 2015.


  3. Feck off. I’m not grumpy!


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