I don’t do patriotism

by NobblySan

For me, it’s only one small step away from nationalism.

It’s not that I don’t like living here in England  (or Great Britain, or the United Kingdom, or however else you choose to classify the various levels of national status that make up the place), because on the whole, I do. I’m sure there are plenty of worse places to live, and doubtless there will be better ones.

The thing is, that I’m not actually proud of being British,….or living here; it just strikes me as a daft thing to be proud of. I can feel proud of things over which I have control, or for personal achievements; and I can take pride in what my kids have done with their lives, but being proud of having been born in a particular place just seems a touch weird.

You’ll find a lot of folk who claim to be proud of [insert country name here]’s military history, or for any number of inventions that ‘their’ country has produced; for their economic stability, or even for the fact that they’ve manged to sensibly steer clear of getting involved in any military conflicts. but unfortunately, none of this particularly impresses me.

Doubtless, many people will be pleased that the renowned attention-seeker and Blair wannabee, David ‘Dave’ Cameron has made an impassioned speech pushing Britain’s Greatness in order to see of that nasty little twerp Mr. Putin. Personally, I think that he’s made a king-sized arse of himself, shown himself up to be a gullible opportunistic wee shite, and in turning to some fucking banal boy band as an example of this country’s prowess has potentially embarrassed all those whom he wished to support.

Whether or not some Russian diplomat did describe Britain as a ‘little island that no-one takes any notice of‘, is debatable. Personally, I’d rather like to think that one of them did – as I’d like to express my desire to live in such a place.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a government more focussed on the welfare of our people, rather than grandstanding on the world stage, chucking good money after bad in pursuit of America’s foreign policy, and generally behaving like a fart in a thunderstorm?

Why can’t we just mind our own damn business, and let others get on with theirs?












15 Comments to “I don’t do patriotism”

  1. well said, Nobbly

    by all means, be proud, if you want to, of what this country has achieved in the past

    but recognise that it is in the past

    there is no British Empire anymore

    we do not rule the world

    we are exactly as we have been described – a small insignificant island

    how much better for us (and the rest of the world) if we accepted this reality – and did not try to act as the world’s policeman with a duty to right any wrong anywhere in the world

    P.S. and the argument often advanced for intervening in events in far off countries – that our national security is threatened if we do not do so is bollocks. The main threat to our national security, what makes us a target for terrorist activity, is our leaders slavish support for american foreign policy decision


  2. P.P.S. Ahem . . .” in order to see of that nasty little twerp”

    Far be it for me – frequently pulled up for my spelling and grammar – to criticise others, but shouldn’t the ‘of’ in that phrase be ‘off’ ?


  3. I can’t “like” this. For some reason I love being Irish, even though my government and our recent history should make me ashamed. I cannot understand it but I know I am.


      • This is lovely. The first song “Mo Ghile Mear” my husband sings as a party piece. He is a native Irish speaker and I love hearing him sing it.
        I feel a time out coming on, a glass of wine and this concert playing. How bad!


        • I watched the concert with a glass of red, tric, early this morning while you were still in bed 😆

          “Mo Ghile Mear” is one of the better songs about Prince Charlie

          Shame the man was a prick !

          P.S. I’ve loved Orla for a long time – I have a ‘thing’ for redheads !

          Now if she ever leaves her man and moves to Birmingham, I might be in with a chance ? 😉


    • Well, maybe it’s because the English are seen, in a lot of places (probably mainly Europe), as drunken arseholes or arrogant twats, whereas the Irish are identified usually as gentle, humorous people with a quaint turn of phrase.


  4. I’m with you in this, tric – I love being Scottish

    My spirit soars when I go home

    Anita knew how I felt and understood this need I felt to ‘touch base’ as it were every so often

    In fact she not only understood this emotional connection to my homeland, she encouraged me to maintain it

    Many a time she used to say to me . . .

    ‘Why don’t you bugger off home?


    • There’s a difference between the sort of patriotic pride that I was referring to, and liking or loving the feeling of being from somewhere.

      My Mum was a Scot, and I feel more affection for and affinity with my Scottish roots than my English.

      I like being who I am, and if part of that comes from being a Scots/English mongrel then that’s fine, but the feeling of actual pride doesn’t come into it.

      As someone once said, “Patriotism is being proud of your country for that they do, nationalism is being proud of your country despite what they do.”. Unfortunately, the boundary between these two gets a little blurred. Especially where football and war are concerned.


  5. I’m a patriotic Celtic* Cornishman, and proud of it.

    KERNOW BYS VYKEN ! (whatever that means)

    *The Cornish had the kilt before the Scots – 100% FACT;


  6. Well I’m Proudly Souf-Effriken today … only because we whipped the bloody pants off those Ozzie’s on Saturday – they may as well have stayed at home and watched the game on the telly


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