I have to admit I once beat up a prostitute…..

by NobblySan

grand-theft-auto-5The title of this post was the opening line of one of the best comments I’ve ever read on a BBC website article.

Last week, the beeb were covering the launch of Grand Theft Auto 5, and the comments section of the article was attracting the usual mix of trolls, dickheads, prudes and gobshites…. and me, but I’m different.

As you can imagine,  the general theme was ‘ Video games make people go out and commit violent crime…’.

Halfway down this list of fairly entertaining inanity was this absolute gem ….

I have to admit I once beat up a prostitute after playing GTA, mind you my dead mother made me kill a lady who was having a shower after I had been watching TV, those were nothing compared to the time I slaughtered the Heshbonites to the last man, woman and child after bible class one Sunday.

It fair cheered me up, and I thought it worthy of  a mention here.

2 Comments to “I have to admit I once beat up a prostitute…..”

  1. Do you think the police will ever catch up with him?


  2. He’s probably a chief constable.

    “Those Heshbonites, Sergeant; If anybody asks – they fell down the stairs at the station.”


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