My Thoughts on a Page

by duncanr

blog_awards_2013_badge_finalistsmA few  short months ago I stumbled upon a new blog by a young (well young when compared to an auld git like me) Irish lass

I have read a lot of blogs over the years but this one stood out immediately in terms of the quality of the writing and the content of the posts

I was an immediate fan and have never been disappointed in anything she has written since

It was pretty clear that I was not . . .the only one impressed with her blog as she soon acquired a large number of followers and commentators

Now she is receiving the type of critical acclaim she well deserves

A few months ago she rather diffidently asked if any of her followers would be prepared to nominate her blog for a competition she was thinking of entering

After an anxious wait she heard she had made the shortlist

Now she has been named as one of the 5 finalists for Best Personal Irish Blogger Award

You will see a new countdown widget on our sidebar

On Oct 12th the winner will be announced

Fingers crossed it will be tric !

Meanwhile, if you are not already following her blog, check it out . . .


15 Comments to “My Thoughts on a Page”

  1. Oh Duncan! What can I say. You are too kind. I’m scarlet. Don’t be holding your breath, but sure we’ll have a small scoop to drown our sorrows regardless. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks so much. You have been a huge support to me almost from day one.


  2. The Tric fan club in France is holding its breath…… and crossing everything it has two of that doesn’t hurt too much in the process.


  3. . . . and crossing everything it has two of that doesn’t hurt too much in the process.”

    Brilliant !

    MM, consider that stolen.


  4. Shouldn’t it be the Irish Bog Awards?


  5. NobblySan I’m still reading!!!


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