Hair today, cone tomorrow

by NobblySan

duke_of_wellington_traffic_cone_glasgowCommon sense prevails!


I love this story.

4 Comments to “Hair today, cone tomorrow”

  1. nice to see a clever use of Health & Safety concerns to scupper plans to stop a local tradition


  2. £100 a time to remove the cone ?

    I’ll do it for half that

    All I’ll need is a long broom handle or a big chuckie stane to lob at it


    • Ah! But then you’d need at least two others to drive there in a bloody great van, having already done your risk assessment, and taken out liability insurance in case the stone hits someone, the falling cone squashes a small child, or you poke out some bugger’s eye with the broom handle.

      Then, I suppose you’d have to buy an MOQ of 2000 stones from a council approved vendor, who can demonstrate their commitment to having an ethnically diverse workforce (a sassenach called Nigel who works in stores) and can also satisfy your auditors that the stones were sourced from a sustainable supply of rock from a quarry in Lanarkshire that doesn’t employ child labour.

      In fact, it would be cheaper to sack you, and leave the bloody cone on the old bugger’s head.


  3. One cone? Tish! The piss-heads of Chatham have got a two-coner to decorate:


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