Violence and Sexual Abuse of Women

by duncanr

rape victimSadly, sexual assault of women is all too common

What makes these crimes even more heinous is the abuser is often a family member

The physical and psychological effects on the victims of such abuse can not be underestimated

Surviving in Numbers is a project intended to raise awareness of just how prevalent is sexual assault and to help survivors on . . . the path to healing by inviting them to share their stories in a forum where they will be believed and supported (

Victims are invited to share their stories in the form of a placard, using numbers to tell of their experience (see one such placard below)


More placards can be viewed here –

2 Comments to “Violence and Sexual Abuse of Women”

  1. To be honest “coming out” was probably more difficult than any other part of it. Dealing with others and their emotions is not easy, some who find out just cannot cope. It is an added burden on those who have been abused to have to deal with. It really is the same as dropping a bomb on a family. Not for the faint hearted or for those who are struggling. Less than 20% ever tell. Imagine how many are silent, when we seem to hear of so many?


  2. “Imagine how many are silent”

    that’s a sobering thought !


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