White Supremacist receives Bad News

by duncanr

Fuck !

Fuck !

Craig Cobb, who is a white supremacist trying to turn Leith, North Dakota into a ‘whites only’ village, may find that he, himself is black-balled from the community after DNA evidence indicated his genetic ancestry to be 14% black

Hhmm, a tad awkward !

14 Comments to “White Supremacist receives Bad News”

  1. That woman was tickled pink! Did you see he gave her a black look?


  2. Light grey supremacist.


  3. If we look back in time, I think everyone has a black ancestor somewhere.

    Except us Cornish that is, ‘cos we are God’s people, and God’s only son, Jesus, was a white man (I know that because I’ve seen lots and lots of pictures of Him) and, if that is the case then God must be a white man too . . . AND . . . He wouldn’t have had any ancestor, would He !



  4. White supremacist – I’m cut, a shit spewer.


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