Cop Demoted for Trying to Catch Thief

by duncanr

bicycle thiefAn over zealous police sergeant in Japan is in trouble

His crime?

Trying to catch a criminal

This novel view of policing – that cops should abandon the warm cosy offices at the station (particularly when winter is drawing near and the nights are getting colder) and go out on the street, actively trying to catch criminals, so alarmed his fellow officers at the station that they complained to their superiors lest the sergeant set an unwelcome precedent by his actions

Not that he was . . . particularly successful, in any case.  In an attempt to catch a serial bicycle thief, the sergeant planted a bike where the thief might see it, then camped out for 9 nights ready to grab the bugger in the act.

The crafty thief, however, ignored the bait and while the sergeant was busy watching the planted bike, the thief nicked some more bikes  from other parts of the area (

Of course, it might be that the thief wasn’t crafty at all. Perhaps, he just didn’t fancy the bike the sergeant was trying to tempt him with. Presumably, the thief is stealing the bikes to sell to others and the sergeant’s bike was one that the thief reckoned potential buyers would not be interested in? For instance, it may well have been a red Raleigh bicycle with drop handlebars – I understand they are notoriously difficult to sell 😉

4 Comments to “Cop Demoted for Trying to Catch Thief”

  1. May the Force be with him.


  2. 前者警官は、不要な自転車を処分しようとして摘発


  3. stupid gets more inventive with every new generation!


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