Free Food for Some

by duncanr

The economic climate in many countries right now means folk are having to make hard choices – such as whether to spend their money on feeding their family or heating their homes, etc

This time of year, with Thankgiving, followed a month later by Xmas, is a particularly expensive time for families in the USA. One can imagine then how much it would mean to reach the checkout and be told that all your groceries were free – that someone else was buying them for you

P.S. before you get carried away by a warm glow at this demonstration of human behaviour at its best, take a look at the youtube comments on this video – as if you needed any reminder that some folk will always look for the negative in any situation !

5 Comments to “Free Food for Some”

  1. Never mind the groceries, what about the essentials like fags and booze ?


  2. Thanks for the invitation, Dunc – but I try not to read YT comments. They invariably feature top class trolling, and plenty of gullible wankers eager to snap at the lure as it’s trolled past their nose.


  3. Great video and I won’t spoil it looking at negative people’s comments. My husband and I spend Monday evenings volunteering at our local food bank. Occasionally I will get some nasty comment from someone in the community saying that people are taking advantage of the system. These grateful folks standing in line to feed their family do not strike me as the problem. Thanks for sharing the video Duncan.


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