Thanksgiving in USA

by duncanr

To an outsider, there is something deeply ironic about the USA Thanksgiving Holiday

Less than 24 hours after giving thanks for all they have in life – the important things that really matter – like family, friends, food, shelter, security – many of them act like animals, fighting to get their hands on material consumer goods they don’t have – as this compilation vid of scenes from previous Black Fridays illustrates –

There couldn’t be a more stark contrast between ‘counting your blessings’ one day and naked greed the next

Let’s hope no-one is seriously hurt this Black Friday!

8 Comments to “Thanksgiving in USA”

  1. Unbelievable! I’m speechless and that is a rare happening…Hubby confirms that to be true.


  2. I’m an American now living in NZ. I can also confirm this behaviour to be true. And the irony is indeed amazing. What’s more amazing, I suppose, is most Americans don’t even realise it. One day they are thanking the heavens for everything they have (gratitude is always a good thing) and the next – unconscious and uncaring – trampling their fellow neighbour for “more stuff” all to potentially save a few dollars or to get their hands on the next big thing (which will most likely be shelved or forgotten in a short period of time). I don’t wish to paint with such a broad brush, nor am I slamming my home country, but it is somewhat prevalent.

    I never subscribed to Black Friday nonsense even when I lived there. Upon hearing this year’s push by more and more corporations over there having their employees to work on the actual holiday itself? Utterly depressing. I feel bad for them and their families – don’t they deserve a holiday, too?

    I, too, hope that no one gets too badly hurt this year in all the shopping madness.


  3. 24 hours? It’s more like a couple of hours now with the stores opening so early.


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