Tennessee Mom vs New Mexico Cops

by duncanr

A routine traffic stop for a speeding violation escalates into something a whole lot more serious when a woman with 5 kids in her car makes a series of bad decisions

O.K. assuming most of us would agree that firing at a car containing kids (even if you are just aiming for the tyres) is a definite ‘no-no’, how many – be honest – were, like me, screaming STFU at the  woman ?

Jesus Christ, all she had to do was . . . say ‘yes, officer. I’ll accept the fixed penalty. 28 days to pay? Fine. Where do I sign?‘ and then be on her way. Instead, ‘motormouth’ created a situation that endangered the safety of her kids by refusing to co-operate with the police – refusing to make a decision as to whether or not to accept the fixed fine or let the case go to court, refusing to get out the car when requested, driving off (twice) to escape the police, and driving at speed on the wrong side of the road – directly into oncoming traffic

P.S. i have read some (unconfirmed) reports that drug paraphernalia was found in the car – which, if true, might partly explain her poor decision making

P.P.S. thanks to allesklar for the video link

5 Comments to “Tennessee Mom vs New Mexico Cops”

  1. Hear that Sticky? The drug paraphernalia… might “explain her poor decision making”.
    On the other hand, it might explain her superb driving performance, displaying admirable vehicle control and split-second timing at speeds up to 100 mph.

    And, it needs asking… what poor decision making? Do we think duncanr is aiming to get a rise out of us? Yes indeed we do…

    What if the original charge was trumped up?
    She can be heard at 2:34 saying “Right now I don’t feel that I’m guilty of the charge, so I would […inaudible…] the court…” Yes she talks a lot, but she’s always polite, unlike the ruffian in uniform who clearly loses his temper and his self control. The police decision to continue the pursuit over such a minor matter, when it could easily have endangered the lives of the five children, their mother, and possibly other third parties, is further evidence that the police had completely lost their cool, and were acting irrationally.
    The video proves she had every reason to be scared of those police. They smash in her side window, no doubt showering broken glass all over her young kids, and as she gets her kids the hell out of that situation they draw their guns and fire three shots at her car. No doubt that would have encouraged her to drive that little bit faster? In the end she sensibly drives to a place where she could hope there were video surveillance cameras before she surrenders.

    I want to marry her…


    • That just about sums it up, allesklar. She’s black, so must be involved in drugs, and they can claim just about anything, eg. aluminium foil, to be drugs paraphernalia.

      Pity about the awful mis-synch.


  2. I’m with those coppers.

    She is clearly not white, and therefore bound to be a villain of some description. Her son was definitely in possession of curly black hair and an unlicenced protective instinct,and deserved to be showered in glass and dragged out of the car.

    Those brave and diligent police officers should be commended for their fearless pursuit of this gang of villains before being awarded the Medal of The Burning Cross in recognition of their actions.

    Hallelujah! God bless America.


  3. Wow! Look at that stash of cocaine on the roof!


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