The Colour of Pee

by duncanr

peeing manWhat colour is your pee?

No, don’t tell me – I don’t really want to know

But you might want to check it out for yourself because, apparently, the colour of your pee can be an early indicator of ill-health

See –

Now, if you’ll excuse me – I’m off to the loo

4 Comments to “The Colour of Pee”

  1. If it glows in the dark, you’re definitely in trouble.


  2. Depends on how much I have had to drink


  3. The Truth will always out, one way or another.

    I was visiting a friend in shared student accommodation,
    When a panicking person emerged from the loo,
    Poisoned, he knew, by some terrible radiation,
    As his pee turned a bright iridescence of blue,

    “Gotcha” yelled Tom in triumphant elation,
    “Who’s been eating my cheese? Now I know it was you.”
    That hue was a giveaway indication.
    Having set up the bait,
    I had only to wait,
    I’d injected my cheese block with methylene blue.



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