An Expensive Shit

by duncanr

dog poo120‘spending a penny’ is a euphemism often used for going to the loo

it cost one woman in Darwin, Australia, a lot more than a penny, however, when she had an urgent need to visit the loo

out jogging with her dog, the woman was ‘caught short’ with a ‘case of the runs’

she tied her dog to a bollard while . . . she sprinted back to a public loo

but when she emerged later, her dog was gone – nabbed by a local dog catcher who thought it had been abandoned

the cost to get her dog back?


[should have just shat behind a bush – then blamed the dog]

P.S. after considering all the facts, the pound are refunding the woman’s money

2 Comments to “An Expensive Shit”

  1. Any runner out there will appreciate her ‘predicament’ 🙂


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