Cops Shoot Two Women then Blame Unarmed Man

by duncanr

stupid cop120In what masquerades as ‘justice’ in the USA, an unarmed man has been charged with assault, and faces up to 25 years in prison if found guilty, because cops are blaming him for the fact they shot two women by mistake (they were aiming at him)

35 yr old Glenn Broadnax was weaving erratically through traffic in Times Square.

When two police officers approached him, he reached his hand into his pocket. Thinking he was going to pull a gun, both officers shot at him – and, luckily for him, missed.

Not so fortunate were . . . two female passersby – one was shot in the leg, the other got a bullet in her arse.

Why are the police charging Broadnax with assault when it was they who shot the women?

Their argument is that he created the situation that led them to pull their guns and fire by putting his hand into his pocket (his lawyer says he was reaching for his wallet – presumably to prove his identity?)

Now, if we are going into causal chains of events, why not charge Mr Broadnax’s father with assault? After all, if he hadn’t shoved his dick in Glenn’s mother and got her pregnant, she wouldn’t have given birth to Glenn and he wouldn’t, therefore, have been in Times Square on that fateful day, misleading cops into thinking he had a weapon when he put his hand in his pocket, thereby forcing them to draw their guns and shoot the two women. Surely he created the situation that led to the cops shooting innocent bystanders?

As a cynical auld b*stard, I can’t help but notice that gun sellers and manufacturers are not charged with ‘assault’ when someone uses their product to kill or injure someone – yet surely they have created the situation that led to that killing by making and selling the gun that made the shooting possible?

Could it be that charging Glenn Broadnax with assault in this case is a ploy to shift the blame for the shooting from the officers to him in order to avoid the two injured women suing the police for damages ?

Just a thought !

Full story here –

4 Comments to “Cops Shoot Two Women then Blame Unarmed Man”

  1. How about we sue the car manufacturers who sell cars to people who obviously can’t drive


  2. Or wordpress for rubbish posts! Only joking Duncan.


  3. But haven’t smokers successfully sued cigarette manufacturers? That should have set a legal precedent.


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