Sgt Alexander Blackman : Murder is Murder

by duncanr

soldierSgt Alexander Blackman , the Royal Marine who dragged a wounded Afghan fighter from an open field into the shelter of a wooded area – where action on the ground would not be visible to the cameras on a hovering helicopter – then deliberately and cold-heartedly killed him with a bullet fired into his chest, has been found guilty of murder and sentenced to spend a minimum of 10 years in prison before being eligible for parole

Sgt Blackman has . . . apologised for sullying the reputation of the Royal Marines – (no apology, however, to the family of the murdered Afghan fighter)

His lawyer is planning to appeal the severity of the sentence.

Military commanders, both current and retired, have spoken in defence of Sgt Blackman. Certain newspapers are arguing for clemency and almost 20,000 people have signed a petition to have his murder conviction squashed –

Well,  I’m going to stick my neck out and say ‘bollocks’ to that

This was not a spur of the moment, heat of the battle killing

Sgt Blackman was not under attack at the time of the killing

This was premeditated murder

He had the foresight to drag the wounded fighter out of sight of the helicopter hovering overhead and the presence of mind to advise his comrades not to say anything because he knew he had broken the Geneva Convention

All those calling for leniency ought to ask themselves this question – what if the situation had been reversed and a wounded UK soldier was murdered by an Afghan fighter. Would they be arguing leniency be shown to the Afghan fighter because of the battle stress he was subject to? – I think not !

I’m with the judges who found against Sgt Blackman – the murder of a wounded enemy prisoner was a clear violation of the Geneva Convention.

By murdering a prisoner, Sgt Blackman also handed the Taliban an invaluable propaganda tool to turn local opinion against UK troops and recruit more fighters to their cause, thereby, potentially, endangering the lives of other british troops.

And by killing a Taliban prisoner, he put at risk the likelihood of future british troops captured by the Taliban being treated humanely in conformance to the Geneva Convention

I’m with the UK Government’s position in response to the petition to squash Sgt Blackman’s conviction for murder . . .

Marine A was found guilty of murder . . . The identity of the victim does not change that verdict (

One Comment to “Sgt Alexander Blackman : Murder is Murder”

  1. Under the supposed rules of deferred responsibility, it should be Blair that’s facing the life sentence for putting this trained thug in the position to be able to kill someone.

    As for public support – I’ve only seen it coming from the brainwashed pillocks who seem to consider everybody pulling on a uniform to be some sort of hero, irrespective of what they do whilst wearing it.


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