Happy Cows

by duncanr

I lived on a farm for a couple of years. The farmer grazed his cows in the field next to my cottage and one of the cows (I nicknamed her ‘Charlie’) and I became friends. She always looked out for me and would follow me around and come to have her head stroked

I was reminded of her when watching this video

4 Responses to “Happy Cows”

  1. They look just like dogs might look running playfully. I have never seen cows do that says the farm girl.


  2. I live on a remote island in the Caribbean. We have chickens, sheep. We did not start off that way but I have a respect for them although I don’t understand why a younger one attacks an older animal when all the older one wants to live its live out in quiet soliditude. I enjoyed the film and it’s nice to see that othe people recognize that because an animal is not commercially productive means we should disregard him or her.


  3. Unfortunately, although beautifully shot, this is the reality of the meat production industry:



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