Where were you yesterday?

by duncanr

police interrogationYou’ve all seen movies or programmes on TV where a character is asked to recall where they were at a time and date in the past.

Some of you may have been unfortunate enough to have police put that question to you

As someone who has difficulty remembering where I was and what I did the day before yesterday, I only hope I am never required to provide police with an alibi for an incident that happened weeks or months ago

Fortunately, if ever I find myself in that situation, Google may be able to help me.

As the owner of an Android phone which has . . . location tracking turned on, Google has a historical record of where that phone travelled so if I want to remind myself where I was on a particular day, all I have to do is ask Google where my phone was on the day in question

For instance, it seems that on Oct30, I visited these locations – http://i.imgur.com/mUeZlCj.png

If you’ve got an android smartphone and want to recall where you went on a particular day – visit https://maps.google.com/locationhistory/b/0 then select any date from the calendar on the left of the screen and watch your movements on that day appear on the map to the right

More on Google’s Location tracking history here – http://techcrunch.com/2013/12/18/google-location-history/

6 Comments to “Where were you yesterday?”

  1. Thank God I have an antique phone. I’d hate to know someone was keeping tabs on me. I can see this can be ok in some cases but the fact most of us have no clue what data we are providing is to my mind, disturbing.


  2. I live on a remote 5 square mile island so I can’t get lost and there isn’t much to recall.


  3. I checked out your route, Duncan, and counted sixteen pubs.


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