Spandy Andy Upstaged

by duncanr

Spandy Andy‘ – [can you guess who is he in this video?] – is a dancer from Alberta, Canada

From the cobblestone streets and the building facades, i would guess this vid was shot in Edinburgh

Watch out for the kid !

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6 Comments to “Spandy Andy Upstaged”

  1. I wonder if he shared his tips? So cute.


  2. I thought maybe it was shot in Cork, due to the rain and the green on the wall!


    • I’ve never heard of ‘shot in cork’, but I’ve shot a few corks (not from bottles) in my time (‘cork shot in’). When I was a kid, I had a ‘pop gun’ which, by way of a spring-loaded piston, shot a cork out of the end of the barrel. I eventually realised that if I were to remove the piece of string tethering the projectile to the gun, it would shoot further, and that I could then shoot it at people….

      I’m still in the process of figuring out the piece of string on my wellies.

      (He couldn’t afford to shoot it in Cork because he didn’t have enough float).


  3. Wet footpaths? It’s gotta be Manchester.


  4. definitely edinburgh, folks

    I recognise that scene

    the building at spandy andy’s back is the side of St Giles Cathedral which faces the High St

    check out this google map image

    the video was shot facing up the High St

    the google map image is the view looking down the High St

    as you look at the map image, the section of pavement in front of the building on the right of the pic is the spot where spandy andy and the kid were dancing


  5. That kid is really good!


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