Woman wants Divorce because of Husbands poor Ps and Qs

by duncanr

peas and chapatiAfter being married for but a week, a Kuwaiti woman is seeking to divorce her husband because she doesn’t carrot all for the way he eats his peas

Finding it artichoke back tears, the woman said she had bean traumatised by the sight of her husband eating peas with bread rather than a fork and she sin-celery hoped the judge would agree such poor table manners amounted to mental cruelty – http://tinyurl.com/purty8s

3 Comments to “Woman wants Divorce because of Husbands poor Ps and Qs”

  1. Good grief! If such things be the cause for a marriage break down I don’t suppose there would be more than a handful of wedded couples on the planet.


  2. That’s a serious breach of etiquette.


  3. Was it an oranged mirage? The sapote of relatives is quince essentially impotant to avoid such a melon cauli end.


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