Same-Sex Marriage Protester on Hunger Strike

by duncanr

15231-large_2520Meacham35 yr old Trestin Meacham is so upset that same-sex marriages are legal in the state of Ohio that he has gone on hunger strike until gay couples in Ohio are banned from marrying

I cannot stand by and do nothing while this evil takes root in my home . . . Some things in life are worth sacrificing one’s health and even life if necessary (

Hhmmm, one less homophobe in the world isn’t going to make much difference but – hey, it’s a start ! 😉

8 Comments to “Same-Sex Marriage Protester on Hunger Strike”

  1. Good grief. So sad this kind of intolerance still goes on. 😦


    • odd how so many fervent believers in Jesus and his dad are so lacking in christian charity, and have ‘selective memory’ when using passages from the Bible to justify their intolerant, prejudiced views – amazing how often these characters forget Jesus’s reported admonishment ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone’ !


  2. You’ve got to get noticed for something in life… might as well be for starving yourself to death in the hope of denying rights to others. Knocks the spots off doing something more banally useful and has been like charity work. If he does starve himself to death (which I doubt will happen) and gets to meet his God, the latter will probably kick him up the arse for wasting a healthy life that a lot of other people would have loved to have.


  3. I’m headed for Ohio to hire a mobile pizza wagon, which I will set up outside his house for a few weeks.


  4. I do not deny him his right to do with his life as he wishes, so why does he feel compelled to think that anyone else would care about him.


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