Cycle Safety Ad Banned

by duncanr

royalty-free-vector-of-a-black-and-white-cyclist-logo-by-seamartini-graphics-8713_150A video produced by Cycling Scotland as part of a campaign to promote better awareness amongst drivers of the need to give cyclists more consideration on the roads has been banned

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled the ad can not be shown on TV again after 5 viewers complained


Watch the video and see if . . . you can guess (answer in 1st comment following this post)


7 Comments to “Cycle Safety Ad Banned”

  1. well, did you spot that the cyclist at the end of the video wasn’t wearing a helmet?

    that’s why the ASA won’t allow the ad to be shown again – because despite the fact that wearing a helmet is NOT a legal requirement in Scotland, the ASA ruled that not wearing a helmet is “socially irresponsible”


  2. Good grief. The Politically Correct will strangle the world some time soon. I wonder when we’ll have to wear a crash helmet to go to Tesco’s just incase a tin of soup falls off the shelf.


  3. I bet they watched it with a view to finding fault. Having said that it is a bonkers add and that woman with the long flowing hair is so obviously not wearing a helmet, so I agree with the decision.


  4. There is a lot of bad science behind the push for people to wear cycle helmets. Whilst it may seem intuitively “obvious” that strapping some polystyrene may protect you from injury, it actually just ain’t so.
    The assumption that someone who is not wearing a helmet is somehow less safe is just that – an assumption – and a wrong assumption, as it is not supported by evidence.


  5. The truly “socially irresponsible” people, are those in authority who fail to do proper research before implementing public policy


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