Are You a Good Liar ?

by duncanr

Pinocchio_150BEFORE you watch the video, do this . . .

with the index finger of your dominant hand, draw a letter ‘Q’ on your forehead

Done it?

O.K. – now watch the video


12 Comments to “Are You a Good Liar ?”

  1. I’ve done the test. You shouldn’t believe a word I say.


  2. I can’t spell Q, so drew an O instead.


  3. Something perhaps folks don’t know about me is I am ambidextrous

    Most things (including writing) I can do as well with my left hand as my right

    I have tried this test using both left and right hands – the ‘tail’ of the Q points to my right if drawn with my right hand and points to the left if drawn with my left

    it seems then that I am an introverted extrovert who is both good and bad at lying

    a result that is perhaps to be expected of someone born under a gemini star sign ?


  4. It seems I am a poor liar.

    (or am I . . ?)


  5. Very interesting…..I already knew I am a terrible liar though.


    • So I heard. Pope Winston IV rang to tell me last night, during a ganga break in his regular Friday night Rastafarian whist drive at the vatican.

      “Hey, nobbly man” he said “I ave just eard that this snoogiefisk woman is a shit liar”

      He did promise to tell me more, but at that point the ghost of Margaret Thatcher kicked him in the arse, called him a ‘gossip-mongering darkie’, and told him that it was his turn to deal.


  6. NobblySan I’d say you’re a liar!


  7. I draw my Qs with the tail facing down!


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