Mondays are Bad but . . .

by duncanr

be thankful your parents didn’t have a wicked sense of humor when naming you – unlike these poor sods

[click on pics to enlarge]

P.S. feel free to make up your own jokes in the comments section 😆

19 Comments to “Mondays are Bad but . . .”

  1. I met a woman years ago. She took pleasure in introducing herself and waiting for their reaction: ” Hello, I’m Gay.


  2. Fancy calling your son Andreas – the tossers !


  3. My Mum was a Scot: She’d never have admitted to having a sense of humor.

    She did, however have a wicked sense of humour, which she put to good use by giving me some dreadful traditional Scottish name – which I never use, and am not about to divulge to you lot.


  4. It’s even worse than that, as my younger brother Gitthafackenrefereeaffthepitch will tell you.


  5. Boys from the White Stuff….


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