An Untimely Death in Colorado

by duncanr

James Knudsen

James Knudsen

He was a familiar figure in the neighbourhood, puffing on his pipe as he watched folk going about their business from his favourite spot in the garden

A cheerful soul, with not an evil bone in his body or a malicious tongue in his head, F***** was well-liked by everyone, particularly the children, who would often stop to talk to him on their way to and from school

It was a shock then when his friend James Knudsen found his lifeless body lying . . . crumpled in his garden and cried “Murder” – pointing his finger at two local teenagers as his killers

The lads denied having anything to do with F*****’s death and suggested that his untimely end may have been the result of natural causes – pointing out that he had been losing a lot of weight recently, becoming more and more gaunt as if suffering from some wasting disease

Knudsen, however, was having none of it and his attempt to extract a confession from the lads, with the aid of a pool cue, resulted only in some bruises, the police being called, and Knudsen charged with second-degree criminal mischief and disorderly conduct as well as two counts of third-degree assault.

F*****’s remains, meanwhile were given a decent burial –

[P.S. Real story here –]

4 Comments to “An Untimely Death in Colorado”

  1. Was his name ‘Fucker’?


  2. There will be a lot more deaths like this in the coming months.


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