Chinese Movie Prank

by duncanr

300screen-shot-2014-02-14-at-2-23-43-pmThe pic to the left is not a new type of board game

It is the seating plan of a Shanghai cinema on Feb 14 – the red dots indicating which seats have been pre-booked, the white dots being seats for which tickets are still available

You will notice that none of the white seats are adjacent to one another.

There is a reason for this đŸ˜†

3 Comments to “Chinese Movie Prank”

  1. Never been to a movie theater with assigned seating.


  2. One thinks it a spiffing idea. One should always have a vacant adjoining seat; where else can one place ones bowler hat, silk scarf, opera glasses and popcorn, or, in the case of an X-rated production, ones box of Kleenex ?


  3. Didn’t know they celebrated Valentine’s Day in China.


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