Women Drivers

by duncanr

13 Comments to “Women Drivers”

  1. Reginald D Hunter makes ‘underlining hatred’.


  2. “Women Drivers”

    Maybe you could help us out here, Nobbly (our resident grammar Nazi), is that a “Contradiction in Terms” or an “Oxymoron ?”


  3. I was hoping to rev up a few of our female readers, but it seems they’ve taken a back seat.


  4. Reginald D Hunter
    Did not want to affront her
    But on the bus
    He’d tut and cuss
    And moan and whinge and chunter

    The driver was a lassie
    So pretty, young and classy
    But could she drive?
    Oh, man alive!
    She almost bent the chassis!

    His poor nerves were in tatters
    With all the bumps and clatters
    He left his seat
    With turbo feet
    And went to settle matters

    “Excuse me, ma’am” he uttered
    “But my ass sure is buttered
    “To stay alive
    “I need to drive!”
    The poor girl sure looked gutted

    So Reg took on the driving
    With hopes of him arriving
    He swung that wheel
    With man appeal
    Not hearing some conniving….

    The man we all find funny
    Drove sweetly, smooth as honey
    Then, such a fuss –
    “Yo! Stop the bus!
    “And give us all your money…..”


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