Pot Calls Kettle Black

by duncanr

The Chairman of the Conservative Party in the UK, Grant Shapps, woke up one morning with a wizard idea. He asked all his chums on twitter to retweet this picture attacking the leader of the Labour Party.

While his loyal twits did just that, some folk with a bit more brain than Shapps did not think this was such a wizard idea at all. You see Shapps had forgotten the . . . background of the Leader and Chancellor of his party, So those kind folk over at The Huffington Post helpfully mocked up a couple of pics to remind him to do his homework in future



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3 Comments to “Pot Calls Kettle Black”

  1. But . . .

    they really DO understand the ordinary people, and that’s how they are able to exploit and profit from Joe Public.

    Let’s not kid ourselves !


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