Gary “Cucumber” Rough Jailed

by duncanr

scot with cucumber200A man who threatened a woman with a large cucumber has been jailed

Gary Rough went into a Glasgow Bookies, armed with a cucumber wrapped in a black sock, and demanded money

The woman teller, however – unimpressed by the size of his ‘weapon’ – told him to piss off and an off-duty cop, who happened to be in the bookies at the time, knocked him to the ground with one punch

Rough later claimed . . . it was all a big joke but the judge didn’t see the funny side and sent him to prison for 3 yrs

Perhaps his new friends in prison, though, will have a good laugh when he tells them what he’s in for ?

2 Comments to “Gary “Cucumber” Rough Jailed”

  1. The joke turned on him.


  2. There was a bloke called Gary Rough
    True to his name, and not ‘a puff’
    One day his cash-flow hit the floor
    He hatched a plan to get some more

    So off he went to the betting shop
    Where punters go to burn their crop
    And when they called his number
    He whipped out his cucumber

    Well, Gary didn’t get too far
    He thought he’d met an iron bar
    When felled by a blow from a cop
    Who had practised his martial art chop

    Now Gary’s doing time inside
    Wishing that stunt he’d never tried
    In the mornings he’s woken from slumber
    When his cell-mate whips out his cucumber…..


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