Where Should You Live?

by duncanr


Clink on the link, then answer 9 questions to find your spiritual home – http://games.usvsth3m.com/which-city/


8 Comments to “Where Should You Live?”

  1. Good grief…Edmonton?!


  2. I did it and I am to live in Caracas. Hmmmmmm.


  3. I did it three times with wildly different choices and three times it came up with the location of my internet service provider. Ratty are you in there somewhere pulling the levers?


  4. At work, I’m 81% Bolton
    At home home, I’m 99% Manchester

    For a semi-scouser this is a bit upsetting.


  5. I got 6 out of 10 for “Pollocks or Bollocks” or “Bollocks or Pollocks” whatever it is.


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