Saying Goodbye to a Friend

by duncanr

I said goodbye to a friend yesterday

We’d known each other for 30+ yrs, so it was a sad occasion

The service was a humanist one – no religious claptrap – simple, but moving.

The women . . . wept silently, dabbing their eyes with a tissue. The men betrayed no sign of the emotion they were feeling. It’s the way we do things here.

How different this bottling up of emotions from the singing and dancing at a black South African funeral –

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8 Comments to “Saying Goodbye to a Friend”

  1. I’m sorry, Duncan. Sending you MM hugs.


  2. Sorry for your loss Dinc. But as for weeping quitely, actually got told of by my grandmother for crying at a funeral, such things are not done by a man in Sweden either, god forbid they think you’re weak..


    • yes, same in Scotland – when I was little, I was always told that boys do not cry. If I did, I was mocked for being a ‘cry baby’.

      Women could cry, but men – No !


  3. So sorry for your loss Duncan. Sending heartfelt sympathy.


  4. Condolences duncan. “Griogal Crighe” such a beautiful piece…


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