Trivial Pursuit in Sussex

by duncanr

200article-0-06D57573000005DC-602_468x359Hard working cops in Sussex, UK, have appealed to the public for help in apprehending the perpetrator of a heinous crime that has left a neighbourhood in shock, and fear that they may be next to be targeted by this sick b*stard

[Police have advised anyone with a cat flap to keep it locked until the bugger is caught !] –


3 Comments to “Trivial Pursuit in Sussex”

  1. I’m baton this bloke’s a bit of a plank, going against the grain like this. Pity he hasn’t got some splinter do with his time, rather than this posting.


  2. I’m sure there are plenty of women in Sussex who fancy getting a bit of morning wood in their catflap.


  3. I opine, they’ll lumber someone with it, though they’re barking up the wrong tree, it wood seem.


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