PlopEgg Painting

by duncanr

Now I’m not that interested in Art – a lot of it I think is pretentious crap

But now and again I like to post a little ‘culture’ to madhatters, to show we are not all insensitive barbarians here, unable to appreciate the sensuous interplay of colours on a blank canvass, the resultant arbitrary patterns highlighting the complexities, stress and strains of modern urban life

Not to mention the symbolic power of the Casual and the creative power of femininity as Milo Moire drops paint filled eggs from her vagina

17 Comments to “PlopEgg Painting”

  1. It’s difficult to enter into this work because of how the metaphorical resonance of the sexual signifier verges on codifying a participation in the critical dialogue of its context.

    Like, innit.


  2. Having got myself half a dozen of Tesco’s free-range, and borrowing a mate’s step ladder, I laid out a couple of feet of unused wall paper and set about creating a work of art in the spare room.

    Unfortunately, straining out the first egg was rather difficult and I shat myself.

    However, the resulting splatter is quite attractive;

    Any buyers ?

    I only want a couple of million quid for it.


  3. Incoming : rowntrees fruit
    Outgoing : pastels


  4. Incoming : Jelly babies
    Outgoing : Renaissance


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