Take the Poo to the Loo

by duncanr

india poo map200India is a shit hole

According to Unicef, an estimated 620 million people defecate in public – generating around 65 million kilograms of shit each day

This is a major environmental health hazard

[it also puts women at serious risk of sexual assault if they are forced to relieve themselves in public]

Unicef has launched a campaign – http://www.poo2loo.com/ – featuring animated stools to encourage people to use a toilet when they need to go

Many folk, however, have . . .

no choice in the matter – being too poor to afford a toilet

Raising public awareness of the health hazards of public defecation is a start but of limited value if there aren’t any toilets for people to use!

If the Indian authorities really gave a shit about public defecation, they could perhaps build more public toilets for the convenience of their citizens and provide grants and/or cheap loans to enable the poorest in society to build a toilet in their homes ?

Hhmm, Take the Poo to the Loo‘s target audience in terms of raising public awareness about the issue of public defaction seems to be kids rather than adults (a case of starting at the bottom and working up?)

16 Comments to “Take the Poo to the Loo”

  1. The day that I use the loo and an animated turd starts talking to me in Urdu, is the day I come off the Gin.

    (PS : I didn’t watch the video for fear of being put off my favourite after-dinner treat – a chocolate Mr. Whippy.)


  2. – a chocolate Mr. Whippy.

    Eaten, I hope whilst wearing the traditional garb of butterscotch Mr. Handcuffs, and his best friend, vanilla Mr. Gimp-Mask.


  3. Yes.

    Of course.

    . . . Protocol.

    By the by, would you be free to have dinner with me at my club one night next week ?


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