Caption this . . .

by duncanr



20 Comments to “Caption this . . .”

  1. “By God, they DO build ladies showers underground! Wait a minute, I got something stuck in the bench….”


  2. But first, let me do a face plant!


  3. And so I had her like this…


  4. “Mother I see father has been shagging that bench once more yet has snuffed it on the job.”
    “Let it be known he died happy Julian.”


  5. .. ‘falling flat on yr face’


  6. “eap big erd o’ whippets comin, Kemosabe.”


  7. “And the last thing I recall was when I said, ‘This is a no-shitter'”


  8. The member for Oldham inadvertently becomes a cross-bencher.


  9. Ha ha! noseycow posted a link to an article about why yoga is incompatible with catholicism, on the Catholic Education Resource Center website. I thought it was a spoof at first, as it was written by Fr John Hardon!


  10. A Jesuit priest begged for pardon
    For a spell in a jezebel’s ‘garden’
    As he entered the burrow
    And ploughed a long furrow
    He sported a proper ‘john’ hard-on!


  11. What Duncan calls “Tuesday”


  12. now i lay me down to slumber
    draped across a bench of lumber
    a sight to behold in awe and wonder
    arse atop and head down under
    not bolt of lightning, clap of thunder
    nor even heavens rent asunder
    shall my beauty sleep encumber
    never mind my little blunder
    hope I wake before i chunder


    • Beautifully and sensitively put, allesklar.

      What starts out as contemplation soon becomes manipulated into a tragedy of defeat, leaving only a sense of dread and the possibility of a new synthesis.

      As wavering derivatives become frozen through frantic and critical practice, the reader is left with an epitaph for the darkness of our world.

      Bravo !


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