F*ck the Ducks

by duncanr


9 Comments to “F*ck the Ducks”

  1. I do not like ducks. (But I am Texan: we shoot armadillos here.)

    With relish.


  2. “Quack,” said the duck on seeing a rat at the edge of the pond. “Quack.”

    “Ooph . . . ” panted the second duck, ” . . . I’m going as quack as I can.”

    Boom – Boom !



  3. Kindly Y’all: Please read my post re: armadillos

    Then you may discover their true nature.

    –Lance-The-Texan, Texan.


  4. Aw Shit!
    Wrong link.
    Here is the proper one (I hope):



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