Chinese Man Entertains Crowd

by duncanr

people pointing up180“People brought along ice creams and beer. They really enjoyed it’, said Meng-Lee Fook

“It has become something of a circus for onlookers”, said a police spokesman

Several folk in the crown took photos – asking the guy to turn this way and that so they could get a better shot

it’s better than watching TV said one of the audience gathered to watch

after being heckled by the crowd, however, the young man walked off the stage – leaving the crowd ‘disappointed’ (?)

3 Comments to “Chinese Man Entertains Crowd”

  1. “Several folk in the crown took photos . . .”

    And some still say that the Royal family is out of touch with ordinary people.

    Duncan doesn’t actually say what part they played in this incident (apart from taking photos,) but I imagine Phil would have shown his solidarity with the great unwashed by leading the chant of “Jump, jump, jump.”

    Liz, in the meanwhile, would have been instrumental in the, now common procedure, of organising a Big Mac, chips, Pepsi and a packet of fags for the distressed soul threatening to end his life, but (at the eleventh hour, belching, and blackening a lung on a duty-free) decided he couldn’t be bothered after all.

    Rule Britannia.


    • crown?

      f*cken azerbaijani keyboard !


      • Well, I didn’t like to mention it before, but that azerbaijani (and I’ve got nothing against Azerbaijans coming to the country if they stay off benefits and learn the language) keyboard, well, it seems that everytime you tap the “U” key, it substitutes it with an asterisk.

        None of my business of course, but, word to the wise, eh !


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