Scammer Scum

by duncanr

computer attackI was attacked a few days ago by some right cheeky buggers

I had fired up my macbook and was looking for some content for madhatters when an alarming message popped up on my screen purporting to be from Cheshire Police informing me my computer had been identified as having downloaded child porn, illegally downloaded music and movies, illegally accessed sensitive information that threatened national security, and was suspected of terrorist activity. In short, I was an . . .

all-round scumbag –

The message went on to detail the law(s) I had contravened and the penalties I faced upon conviction. In the meantime, my browser had been ‘blocked’ and my files encrypted

And indeed it had. I couldn’t shift that convincing looking form from my screen

However, despite the heinous crimes I was accused of, if I coughed up £100 within 24 hours, my browser would be unblocked and my files un-encypted

To say I was pissed off would be to put it mildly !

Fortunately, I have several laptops, so I switched to a windows machine and did a bit of googling to confirm this was indeed a scam (in the USA, the form purports to come from the FBI. In the UK, like I said, it purports to come from Cheshire Police – Serious Organised Crime Agency).

I also googled instructions to shift the bloody thing and within minutes I had done so

I post this today as a warning to others not to fall for this scam

The trigger for me doing so was reading Colleen’s latest post over at The Chatter Blog in which she posts good advice to avoid being scammed on the phone. Be sure to read it –

8 Comments to “Scammer Scum”

  1. A warning not to download porn from odd websites more like it haha


  2. Seriously here is a good way to fix the problem without opening up your computer

    Restart your computer in safe mode (if you can’t restart via computer, just take the batter out of your laptop or unplug it)
    Go to start and in the search area put in “system restore”
    Then you can restore to a point before you were attacked and restart your computer.


  3. Around here it’s Arabian princes who need you to send them 5000 dollars, so that they can do something or another, and then they’ll send you 8 bazillion dollars in return. Clever, right? Psyche.


  4. Ohh I would be pissed!


  5. And I was counting on that £100!


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