Shooter’s Chilling Video

by duncanr

At least 7 people have been killed and several injured by a nutter in Santa Barbara, pissed off because girls didn’t fancy him and he was still a virgin at 22 yr old –

Having watched the video the bastard posted before going on his shooting spree, I can only conclude all those girls who rejected him were right to trust their instincts !

3 Comments to “Shooter’s Chilling Video”

  1. Could only watch a bit of this Duncan. Nauseating stuff. Tragic.


  2. Ok…I got through about five minutes.
    What a sick fuck.
    But, thanks for sharing.
    Makes me feel better for surrendering my virginity at thirteen.
    And all these years, I was worrying for my immortal soul for being a slut. (well not really, but it looks good in print)
    Now I feel better about my lascivious behaviour.


  3. That’s terrible, I’m so sorry to hear that. I’m sick of living in a society that makes men feel they’re owed something, this is the second such shooting.


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