Size Does Matter

by duncanr

multitasking woman driverWomen are excellent drivers

There, I’ve said it

and I mean it, too – honest 😉

I mean, I can just about manage to pick my nose or scratch my balls while driving – which pales into insignificance when compared to a woman’s ability to multi-task (

some people, though, don’t seem to . . .

rate too highly a woman’s ability behind the wheel and think they may require some special assistance –

what next, I wonder – extra wide roads for women?

hhmmm, actually, that’s not such a bad . . . 😆

7 Comments to “Size Does Matter”

  1. At least once a week we pull into a parking spot and I say to my wife “are you planning on straightening up” and she replies “why?”


  2. My wife, driving up the ramp of an underground garage, totally destroyed one of the big metal garage doors.

    I didn’t see it happen . . .

    I wasn’t there . . .

    . . . I got the blame !


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