UK vs US English

by duncanr


We spell words differently, e.g., colour vs color
We pronounce words differently, e.g., tomahtoe vs tomaytoe
and we attach different meanings to the same words, e.g., well just click this link to see what I mean – scottishmomus


5 Comments to “UK vs US English”

  1. I think I’ve got a handle on the UK version of English, though there are occasional hangups – and I’d never be silly enough to attempt to speak it myself. Now that Aussie version… Well that’s a whole other kettle of fish! O_o


  2. I’ll leave a comment after I’ve had a fag.


    • . . . Phew, that’s better. I can’t seem to start the day properly unless I’ve had a fag or two. I like to have one in bed, but the missus says it’s a disgusting habit, so I’ve got to outside and do it away from the house, because she can’t stand the fumes.

      Same thing when I go to work. Having a quick one at my desk or even in the toilets is frowned upon. In fact it’s now illegal.

      Pubs are no different. Time was when you could enjoy one at the bar, or sitting at a table, and no-one batted an eyelid. That’s over, too. Now you have to go outside and have one on the pavement with all the others gasping and sucking away. I wouldn’t mind, but they try to draw you into conversation when all you want to do is satisfy your cravings.


      • I would like to apologise for any misunderstandings that our friends across the pond may have formed from reading the above comment, and would further like to state that my sexual preference is a fanny.

        (There, that should clear that up nicely.)


  3. I live with an Englishwoman. I am learning ever’day.


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