Ladies Checking Their Bits

by duncanr

Male or female, there are very few of us with ‘perfect’ bodies. And what constitutes ‘perfect’ is in any case culturally defined

The pressure for women to conform to some idealised notion of beauty is greater than for men and one of the (to me, anyway) stupidest (and saddest) trend in recent years has been the growth in the number of women (particularly in the US and UK) opting for labiaplasty (

Trust me ladies. If you like us well enough to allow us access to your lady bits, few of us are going to criticise their appearance 😆

Yet some ladies shy away from even looking ‘down there’

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7 Comments to “Ladies Checking Their Bits”

  1. Surely they’re having a laugh? If not they certainly qualify for your ‘Mad Hatter’ tag! Seen it all now – so to speak!


  2. This is so much shit. The one in pink is definitely Lenny Henry.


  3. “Male or female, there are very few of us with ‘perfect’ bodies.”

    Yes, true, true. Very, very true. But you lot really mustn’t let it get you down.

    Oh, I know what you’re all thinking, “what could ratty possibly know about this ?”

    True, true. Very, very true.


    • Indeed, ratty.

      It was only last week that I heard the headmistress of the local College for Young Ladies of Distinction commenting on perfect parts of your anatomy.

      That man” she said, pointing in your direction, “is a perfect arsehole.


  4. In agreement with you. There are many forms of beauty.


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