Boys Abuse PM

by duncanr

swearing180Boys at exclusive Westminster (£32k a year fee-paying) school in London have been accused of calling the PM, David Cameron, an ‘arsehole’ and a ‘bastard’ –

The schools head master Stephen Spurr was shocked – shocked I tell you – when told of the incident

In an exclusive interview with madhatters he said . . .

it’s a fucking disgrace. The buggers have brought shame on the school. We expect better of those with a fucking privileged background. We work hard to instill a sense of proper British values in these gits with wealthy parents and the cun.. wee shites do this. Rest assured, we will launch an immediate investigation and when we find the fuckers responsible I’ll personally give them a right good buggering, sound thrashing, bloody good talking to. The buggers have tarnished the reputation of the bloody school with their fucking foul language. Admittedly, Cameron is a bit of a tosspot but there are more socially acceptable ways to voice dissent without fucking swearing !

Cameron right and wrong


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