The bulldozers are coming! Save yours-elves!

by NobblySan

Civil engineers face plenty of challenges when delivering major construction projects.

There are all manner of environmental impact considerations, physical challenges such as terrain and weather, and then local cultural sensibilities have to be catered for.

Such as elves.

Yes, elves – you heard me… bloody elves.

The world has gone mad.

Read on MacDuff


4 Comments to “The bulldozers are coming! Save yours-elves!”

  1. I bet elves are what causes most of the potholes around here. We shouldn’t anger them.


    • Don’t tell the Yanks, Binky. They’ll be calling up an anti-Elf airstrike as part of their War on Potholes. Before you know it, our halfarsed government here in the UK will be joining in, and introducing Elf restraining orders, with all bearded elves held under house arrest on suspicion of planning (or holding material that could be used to cause) potholes.


  2. Okay. You just had to throw in ‘MacDuff, din’t ya?
    And just right after I had finnnish’d watchin’ Polanski’s ‘Macbeth’ for the fourteenth time.
    Christ on a Fuckin’ Craker!
    Below the belt!
    Below the belt!


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