Emma Czornobaj Guilty

by duncanr

some different ducklings

some different ducklings

a young woman, Emma Czornobaj, driving along the Highway, spotted some ducks on the road ahead of her

she stopped her car and tried to usher them to safety

her good intentions, however, had tragic consequences and she now faces the prospect of spending the rest of her life in prison

for Ms Czornobaj stopped her car in . . .

the ‘fast’ lane and did not switch her hazard lights on

a 50 yr old man, André Roy, and his 16 yr old daughter, Jessie – riding a Harley-Davidson – slammed in to the stationary car and died from their injuries

André Roy’s widow did not seek to press charges against Ms Czornobaj and does not apparently wish to see a custodial sentence passed down but the state, it seems, is determined that Ms Czornobaj should go to jail

it seems one member of the jury went against the majority and refused to bring in a guilty verdict until he/she was eventually browbeaten by the rest to change their mind – http://tinyurl.com/ktzh6m2

perhaps that lone juror, like me, was wondering if André Roy may have been able to avoid the parked car if he had not been speeding – in other words, his speeding was a contributory factor leading to the death of he and his daughter

or perhaps that lone juror, like me, was wondering why the prosecution chose to charge Ms Czornobaj with ‘criminal’ negligence? Admittedly, what she did was stupid, but she acted with the best of intentions. There was no malice intended towards André Roy, or any other road user. She made an error of judgement that had tragic consequences – there was no criminal intent to kill André Roy and his daughter, or any other person

in these circumstances, what is to be gained by sending Ms Czornobaj to prison ?


7 Comments to “Emma Czornobaj Guilty”

  1. That’s a really sad story for all involved and I agree with you. No one will benefit from her incarceration xx


  2. What a tragedy for all involved.


  3. If he’d missed the car and hit her with his motorbike, killing her, I wonder if we’d all be clamouring for him not to face charges?

    He wouldn’t have set out to kill anyone, and would be guilty of a traffic offence, just as she is.


  4. It’s unfortunate what happened, but she shouldn’t have been found guilty.


  5. What if it had been an elk, a grizzly bear, or a human child on the road? Canada should now publish lists detailing which animals can be stopped for, and which can’t.


  6. Emma’s car was a stationary obstruction in the road. Such an obstruction could have been there for any number of reasons: she might have stopped for a child; she might have had an accident herself. The fact that the motorcyclist collided with a stationary obstruction at high speed shows that he was driving in a manner dangerous to himself, his passenger, and anyone or anything in his path. It is clearly the motorcyclist who bears the major responsibility for the accident and its consequences, not Emma.


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