What’s Upsetting the Irish?

by duncanr

this Road Safety ad put out by the Northern Ireland Dept of the Environment (DOE) has upset quite a few people – http://tinyurl.com/njh9uhv


6 Comments to “What’s Upsetting the Irish?”

  1. Yes and having someone tell you your child is dead is shocking too, as is witnessing a crash or identifying a body. Speed kills. Some people just love to be outraged. My daughter saw a very graphic video as part of transition year in school. It was shown to 16 year olds. It had a major effect on her, as had the mother who described the after math.
    Maybe she will forget in time, but hopefully not.


    • The ‘shock’ aspect of the ad has caught people’s attention so I reckon its achieved its objective

      [Sometimes we need something like this to jolt people out of their complacency !]


  2. I remember being completely stunned by the video below when I first saw it. If you think the one above is shocking, this will have you in tears – it should be compulsory viewing for all learner drivers.


    • That’s incredible – never seen it before.

      These videos are fair game: careless driving, and speeding, costs lives. I find that many drivers seem to think that 30 means 40. And they have the nerve to drive close behind me, trying to incite me to drive faster.

      I remember this one from several years ago:


  3. Then there are other dangers out on the roads….


  4. “What’s upsetting the Irish”?

    It’s usually the English.


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