Man Tries to Divorce Fat Wife

by duncanr

building up a sweat’till death do us part (or the wife gets fat)

Oscar Wilde described bigamy as having one wife too many – trust me, sometimes monogamy feels pretty much the same!

fortunately, there are ‘non-lethal’ ways to rid oneself of an unwanted wife end an unhappy marriage

putting on weight and not doing any housework, however, are not valid grounds for divorce (at least in India) a court has decided –

[probably just as well, else a lot of beer-bellied, lazy-arsed husbands would be getting very nervous] 😆

2 Comments to “Man Tries to Divorce Fat Wife”

  1. You are the equivalent of a blogging Alan Whicker – searching the net for some wonderful weirdness. Great stuff.


  2. What’s his problem? He should be happy. He’s got more wife than his fair share, surely?


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