Have you had the conversation?

by duncanr

My thoughts on a page.

Tonight I have no words. It’s all in the video.
If you watch it you will see those who have lived, because of organ donors, and you will see the pictures and families of those who gave the ultimate gift to save a life.

Unintentional Hero is a beautiful song, written by Pa Curran to honour his friend Taidhg Burke Neff, but this video makes that song even more poignant and powerful.
Among those families featured, is our own local unintentional hero, six year old Ben.

The song can be ordered from itunes here for just 99c.

Please have the conversation. Organ donation saves lives. Tell someone today if you wish to be an organ donor.

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5 Comments to “Have you had the conversation?”

  1. I shamelessly ‘steal’ ideas from other bloggers for my own posts in madhatters. Sometimes, if I really like another bloggers post, I will post a ‘teaser’ here and include a link to the original post and encourage people to go read it. I can’t, however, remember ever ‘reblogging’ someone else’s post in madhatters. Organ donation, and the gift of life, is such an important subject, however, that I am breaking my habit and reblogging this post from tric

    if anyone in the UK is interested in becoming an organ donor, you can get more information and join the donor register here – https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/

    if you do sign up, however, be sure to talk to family and friends and make sure your intentions are known. Even when someone is on the organ donor list, in many cases their wishes are overruled by grieving family members who refuse to give permission for organs to be removed after a loved one has died


  2. As far as ORGAN DONATION is concerned; I am totally against any Laws that impose an OPT OUT clause i.e. All your organs will be Confiscated when you die unless you have said. This is against peoples Human Rights. Also; what if you have said you don’t want to donate ; but they conveniently “lose” your papers?.
    Organ donation MUST be on a VOLUNTARY basis.


    • I can understand the frustration some doctors, and those waiting for a transplant, must feel at times when ‘usable’ organs become potentially available when someone dies but can’t be ‘harvested’ because of lack of consent from next of kin or absence of a pre-death instruction from the deceased – which makes an ‘opt out’ solution seem an attractive option

      But I agree with you in this – organ donation should be the decision of the deceased or their family, not the Government

      Where an individual has expressed the wish to donate their organs after death, however, that wish should be respected and not ignored or over-ruled by other family members


      • If someone has expressed a wish to donate their organs…Perhaps this should be recorded against that persons National insurance records (or their Passport) for eternity and Perhaps this wish should be ENFORCED by Law


  3. Thanks so very much for this Duncan. It really makes small Bens death seem less meaningless.
    Donation should of course be voluntary, but it should be mandatory that a suitable donors family are asked the very difficult question. If we have had the conversation that should make the decision they make a bit easier.
    Last year, young Ben who is featured on the video, was kept alive an extra 24 hours to allow recipients to travel to hospital. His family knew they were coming. I think that must be a very strange and difficult experience.
    Also the song writer, sat with his friends family, mourning, when they heard the helicopter take off with his friends heart.
    Just those two alone have saved 12 lives. 9 of whom are extremely healthy today.
    Thanks again Duncan. xx


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