Those with Little give More

by duncanr

Now I’d like to think this vid is for real because I share the view that it is often those who have least in life themselves that are more generous to others (at least that’s my informal observation from the number of charity fund-raising activities I’ve been involved with in the past) but . . . well, watch the vid. Form your own opinion and read my comment afterward

5 Comments to “Those with Little give More”

  1. O.K. my opinion (for what it’s worth) on this vid . . .

    if you want something from someone, you’re more likely to get it if you ask nicely

    the abrupt ‘demand’ of the two diners to yield up a slice of pizza was almost guaranteed to fail

    there was no polite greeting, introduction, or polite request – no ‘please’.

    the approach to the homeless man was very different in tone – much less demanding, and so more likely to succeed

    that the guy consciously or subconsciously altered his approach to achieve the results he wanted can’t help make me suspicious about the editing of this video

    for instance, are these the only two diners he approached or did he ask others and only showed the two who refused in order to support the point he wanted to make?


  2. I get it, but I wonder is it more a case of judgement than charity. The young fella came across as a chancer, not someone in need, and the diner judged him to be not in need, and having paid for the pizza not deserving of it.
    The homeless man held no judgement. He just gave, not having paid for the pizza.

    Having said all the above I do think the lesser off are more generous by a long way.


  3. Food for thought (so to speak). Is your comment written in invisible ink? I might be accused of being a cynical and mean pedant here, but I’d say that if he asked more politely he’d have more luck. “Can I get a slice of that pizza? I’m hungry” isn’t the best way to go about it. Didn’t hear a “please” in there anywhere. The homeless man who accepted the pizza, on the other hand, said “thank you very much” (compare to the “thanks bro” from the self-appointed angel in Ray bans).


  4. Duncan I love the video. As to the details of how food was asked for I am not too fussed. As to who gives more I am not the judge. Perhaps living in a very philanthropic city where volunteering and giving are the norm I am biased and blinded. Forgive me.
    All I know is that if someone tells me they are hungry I feed them. I prefer if they have good manners but it certainly wouldn’t stop me from helping.


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