1 in 50 Priests, a Paedophile – says Pope

by duncanr

pedophile priestaccording to news reports, Pope Francis reckons ‘reliable’ data indicates that around 2% (i.e., 1 in 50) of roman catholic clergy are paedophiles

2% of 414,000, i.e., 8,000 is a hell of a lot child abusers

Francis insists he is going to deal with the problem of paedophilia in the church with “the severity it demands” – http://tinyurl.com/mzakdwn

no indication just what the Pope means by that but he could start by . . .

naming and shaming these priests and reporting them to the police. Sexually abusing children is a criminal offence and should be punished by the courts with a lengthy prison sentence. It should NOT be treated as an offence under Church law and the offender ‘punished’ by being moved to another parish or sent to a ‘retreat’

One Comment to “1 in 50 Priests, a Paedophile – says Pope”

  1. Or just dole out punishments that the church did of old.


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