Battle of the Booze

by duncanr

drunken-wasp220i caught a drunken lout after my beer on Saturday

I was partly to blame

I left it unattended while I went to the loo and when I returned he was hovering around my beer

Oi, you ! – I shouted – ‘buzz off!

but he paid not a blind bit of notice

I happened to have . . .

a t-towel in my hand so I flicked it at his head

the bugger was quick, I’ll give him that – he ducked, I missed, and the cheeky bugger made another dive at my beer

quick as he was though, he was up against a Scotsman fighting for his booze. I caught him with a backswing of my towel, sending him flying through the air

realizing he had a fight on his hands, he retreated. The victory was mine. The rest of the day, I was on guard, though, in case the aggressive wee bugger came back with some mates !

Be warned, folks. There’s gangs of the drunken louts swarming about looking for a fight !

6 Comments to “Battle of the Booze”

  1. Nasty bunch that’s for sure. Years back one the thieves got in a beer can I ws drinking form. When I went to take a sip the thing stung my lip and it swelled up to the size of an orange. Very attractive. The funny thing was we were playing softball and dressed up as bees.


  2. “Years back one the thieves got in a beer can I ws drinking form.”

    Thankfully, no long lasting damage there then, Sue.


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